Fiberglass Pull Rods

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Fiberglass Pull Rods


Fiberglass pull rods has two type: 10pcs * 1m pull rods and 4.5mm-16mm duct rods. 10pcs*1m pull rod can be connected and en-length. 

  1. The type one diameter can be: 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, Length can be 60cm-100cm. Accessories include hook, drawing head. 
  2. The type two diameter from 4.5mm-16mm, length from 10m-500m

About the packing of the fiberglass pull rods:

  • Type one: Plastic Tube or Non-woven Bag, then into paper carton
  • Type two: Plastic Strip Wrap, Paper carton, Pallet


The trade shows:

  1. Most of our customer order type two. 
  2. The type one is along with the type two.
  3. The MOQ of them: Type one: 10PCS    Type two: 1PCS

The application of fiberglass pull rods:

  • Home cable pulling
  • Flooring cable laying
  • Available push pull rodder
  • Install pulling ropes
  • Optic fiber cable laying

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