Fiberglass Rodder Using Attention

Fiberglass rodder also called duct rodder, it is widely used in optic fiber pulling and laying. It is a good tools to help you when you work with the cable. 

There are some tips need attention in you using the fiberglass rodder, please check the following: 

  1. When you used the fiberglass rodder, take care of the drawing head. The drawing head material is copper. Pull the drawing head from the rodder, then through the guide cable roller, put the drawing head into the ducting and start to work. 
  2. Because the material is hard, when used the fiberglass rodder, the minimum of bending diameter is <100-60 cm(Different diameter fiberglass rodder, the bending diameter will be different). If used in the ducting, don’t let the drawing head break down in the 90 degree ducting. 
  3. Fiberglass rodder work temperature is: -40~+ 80?. Don’t put the fiberglass rodder under the sunshine, don’t used it in very hot and cold environment. After using this, need put the fiberglass rodder in dry and cool place. 
  4. The max pulling weight is about 2.5 tons, different fiberglass rodder, the pulling weight will be different. Don’t used it in 90 degree, otherwise the fiberglass rodder will be broken. If you want to en-length it’s work life, don’t let the heavy loading car or other goods roll off it. 
  5. If apply for large diameter cable laying, don’t used the fiberglass rodder pulling the cable directly. There is a steel wire will help you to pulling the cable. One side connect the fiberglass rodder, the other side connect the cable, then pulling this, it will let your fiberglass rodder work life en-length. 

If you want to used the fiberglass rodder more efficient, we suggest you used this with cable roller. This will help you work smoothly. If you have any other question when you using the fiberglass rodder, please contact me, I will give you some suggestion.