Fibreglass Rodder 14mm 250m Order

News for the order fibreglass rodder 14 mm 250 m, this order lasted about 35 days from the send the purchase order to deliver to customer’s warehouse.  The Fibreglass rodder 14 mm 250 m Order:

This order quantity is 40 PCS(Yellow color 20 PCS+Red Color 10 PCS+Blue Color 10 PCS). The color is asked by our customer who is a very nice man. This type not tracing fibreglass  rodder, is the normal type.

  1. Our producing time is about 15 days for 40 PCS. 
  2. Per PC dimension is 1.5 m*1.5 m*0.5 m. It fill into a 40 full containers. 
  3. The packing of this order is: Plastic Strip Warp then into the paper carton, this packing will protect the rodder. 
  4. It is delivered by sea, the boat date is about 15 days from the loading port(Tianjin) to the destination port(Jakarta). 
  5. The Price Term is: CIF
  6. The payment is: By T/T
  7. Customs Clearance Documents include: Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Form E(ASEAN-CHINA FREE TRADE AREA PREFERENTIAL TARIFF CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN FORM E) and Bill Of Loading. 
  8. When the cargo reach at the destination port(Jakarta), the shipping agent help the customer do customs clearance and deliver the cargo to his warehouse.
  9. The customer is very happy that he can receive the cargo so fast and tell me it is a nice thing do business with me, so glad to me.

Really hope this order bring big profit to him. If you also have this requirement, please email me: