How to choose cable duct rods?

Cable duct rods is a good tools in your cable laying working, but how to choose the right cable duct rods is very important. The following is some suggestion:

  • When you buy the cable duct rods, please make sure which diameter will you need. The diameter can be 4.5mm-18mm, it is accroding to the duct diameter and the complexity of the construction.
  • About the length, the normal size is: 10m-500m. When you choose this, you need check how long the duct using for. It is important to choose this.
  • If you need to know the position of the cable duct rods in the ducting, we suggest you choose the cable duct rods with cooper wire.
  • About the steel frame, choose the strong and durable frame. The material of the frame is plastic coated steel and galvanized steel. The galvanized steel will be more strong.

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