How to maintain conduit rodder?

When you used the conduit rodder in wrong way, the conduit rodder will be broken. If the conduit rodder broken, how to deal with this? Now I share the maintain of the conduit rodder with you. 

Step 1:
Please take out the repair kits: Connection Copper Head, Glue


Step 2:
Find the broken conduit rodder, cut off the two side(just the outter coated part, don’t cut the core) about 3-5mm. 

Step 3:
Clean one of the core that cut off the outter coated. Keep it clean and dry. Using the sandpaper and making the core rough. 

Step 4:
Glueing the glue on one of the core, then connect the copper head. Keep this about 3-5 Minutes. 

Step 5:
Clean the other one core. When the copper head and the core is ok, then glue this core with the other side of the copper head. 

Really hope this information can help you. If you need the conduit rodder or the repair kits, please contact us.