How to use the duct rodder ?

Duct rodder is a very good tools in your cable laying works. For freshman, many don’t know how to use this, the following is the simple introduce:

Step 1 : Unlock the duct rodder hand brake and check that the drawing head is tight.
Step 2 : Insert the duct rodder into the duct.
Step 3 : Push the duct rodder till it reaches the other end.
Step 4 : Rod reaches other open end of duct.
Step 5 : Loop cable to be pulled into figure of eight for easy pulling.
Step 6 : Insert cable into pullgrip accessory.
Step 7 : Attach pullgrip to duct rodder guide head using the shackle
Step 8 : Pull duct rodder to install OFC cable inside duct.

When you used the duct rodder, please more careful, it is strong and flexible. Really hope this can help you use the duct rodder smoothly.

duct rodder use