Cable Tools

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Cable tools used for cable laying and pulling project. All of the cable tools include Meter Distance Measuring, Push Pull Rod, Fiberglass Duct Rodder, Nylon Cable Puller, Steel Fish Tape, Cable Roller.

  1. The Meter Distance Measuring Wheel also called mechanical ranging car or digital distance measuring wheels. It is widely used to measuring distance in professional surverying mapping work road enginnering, landscape planning and design, golf course, lanes and so on. It is also used in construction industry and decoration.
  2. Cable Roller is used for laying cables, wire rope and so on. It can be designed with many kinds of appearance and structures according to usage.
  3. Steel Fish Tape provides installers with a compact easy to use solution for pulling and installing cable in conduit. Internal ring design prevents the pull tape from kinking or snagging while being rewound.
  4. Push Pull Rod can be screwed together to form longer lengths for running wire through walls, attics, crawl spaces, sub-floor and suspended ceilings. Can be extended up to any length.

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Cable Tools