Traceable Rodder

Traceable Rodder is one type duct rodder that shows where is the rodder in the ducting. The traceable rodder has a copper wire in the rodder that can be tracing the rodder underground the pipe. 

The copper wire in the rodder: 


The copper wire connect with the drawing head: 


Traceable Rodder Information:

  1. 6 mm-16 mm in Rodder diameters, 10 m-500 m in lengths.
  2. Copper wire, E-glass inner core, ABS plastic coated.
  3. Drawing head is copper head, can be location.
  4. With meter marking, the shows how length it is.
  5. Color: Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Black, Orange, Green and so on.


Traceable Rodder Material:

  1. Tracing wire: Copper wire
  2. Inner Rodder: High Strength alkali-free glass fiber
  3. Outside Coat: UV Resistance ABS Plastic
  4. Frame: Strong Steel with powder coated or Galvanized
  5. Wheels: Durable Rubber
  6. Drawing Head: Copper Head


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