Cable roller

Cable Roller widely used  for the cable laying contractor, utility  and electricity supply industry – this includes straight cable rollers, corner cable rollers, triple cable rollers and specialist cable rollers for pulling underground cables into trenches. Cable rollers should always be used when pulling cables.


Straight cable runs are pulled in using straight cable rollers suitably placed in the cable trench to prevent the cable being dragged on the trench bottom or in mud – cable roller spacing is dependent on cable type being laid and the cable pulling tension along the route. Leading cable rollers are used to support the cable over the entire drum width immediately before being pulled into the trench.

Cable Roller Information:

  1. Wheel Material: Aluminum, Nylon
  2. Frame Material: Steel(Plastic Powder)
  3. Wheels Dimension: Diameter 140 mm, Length 160 mm
  4. Frame Dimension: 350 mm*350 mm*260 mm
  5. Weight: 4.4 kg

Cable Roller Application:
Cable Rollers is used to release the power cable. It is mainly used to bury the cable and it is used on the ground. The shaft is equipped with high speed bearing and steel tile. It will not damage the cable.

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