Steel Wire Fish Tape

This steel wire fish tape makes it easy to thread cables and wires through drywall, conduit or insulation. Simply guide the fish tape through the narrow opening, attach wires to the pulling loop and guide the wires to the new location smoothly and efficiently. The reel winds up and stores excess fish tape as the wire is pulled, and a built-in thumb lock holds the wire in place.

  1. Guide the fish tape through narrow openings, then attach wires to the pulling loop and guide them smoothly to new location.
  2. Reel winds up and stores excess tape as wire is pulled.
  3. Built-in thumb lock holds wire in place.

Steel Wire Fish Tape Features:

  • Self-tension case for easy tape winding.
  • Hook design is functional and artist.
  • Imported steel wire material, it perfectly straight and flexible, not jam or get bent into the pipe and case, enter and exit easily .
  • It can be easily guided or “fished” through narrow passages and confined spaces
  • Large handle grip for greater user control.

steel wire fish tape steel wire fish tape 

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