Quick Pulling Wire

Longtime supply many types power tools: fiberglass duct rodder, cable roller, cable pusher equipment. There are some accessories and repair kits: Drawing head, Rod grapple set, Quick pulling wire. The following is the detail of the quick pulling wire.

Information of quick pulling wire:

  • Type: Hand Tools, cable puller
  • Made of steel wire rope 
  • Density: 8 (g/m) 
  • Rod diameter 2 (mm)
  • Temperature – 800 to 800 (?) 
  • Traction tension failure 800 (kg)
  • Model Number: Quick pulling wire
  • Number of Pieces: 1 PCS
  • DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Package: Bag
  • Application: cable laying, Use for 4 mm-14 mm diameter cable pulling
  • Material: Steel cable pulling wire

How to use the quick pulling Wire:

  1. Black spring and red glue to the above. 
  2. Wire rope twists the figure 8. 
  3. Wire wear into the figure 8, spring lock wire. 
  4. Wire put into red rubber.
  5. Wire rope wear into the cable puller bullet hole, make a knot.

If you interested in this tools, please email me: ada@langtaifrp.com. 

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