7mm Fishing Rodding Duct Rodder

Technical Date of 7mm Fishing Rodding Duct Rodder

Rod Diameter
Rod Length
Frame Dimension
1200mmx500mmx1220mm, 980mmx450mmx1000mm, 680mmx240mmx700mm
Material of Fiberglass Rod
Fiber glass rod inner
Extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature
Fiber glass rod outer
High Density polyethylene coating
Metal Frame
Steel with high-temperature sprayed plastic or hot dip galvanized

7mm Fishing Rodding Duct Rodder 7mm Fishing Rodding Duct Rodder Duct Rodders combine ease of operation and reliable performance to help increase the efficiency of your rodding operations.
Longtime offers three types of duct rod: Mini Duct Rodder, Tracing Duct Rodder, Push Pull Rod. Each has a glass reinforced composite core jacketed in a rugged plastic coating to ensure long life. All three have excellent flexural strength, compressive strength, fatigue resistance, and memory. They also have favorable electrical and thermal properties that make them safe for use in cable-occupied duct. Suitable for pulling back winch line or small diameter cable.
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