Portable Duct Rodder

Portable Duct Rodder for Handy Carry in Cable Pulling

Portable duct rodder shows good performance in wire or cable pulling in pipes, conduits or ducts. Without wheels, it is easy to carry or put in the boot of the car. Generally, when the pulling rod diameter is below 8mm (including 8mm), there is a portable duct rodder needed. And some portable duct rodders are not equipped with a hand operated brake on the frame.

Portable duct rodder with totally enclosed handle

Portable duct rodder with totally enclosed handle is designed for good protection of the pulling rod (See Figure 1). Portable Duct Rodder

Portable duct rodder with semi-closed handle

Some portable duct rodders are designed with semi-closed handle for light weight (See Figure 2).A portable duct rodder, semi-closed handle, red rod, hand-operated brake.

Portable duct rodder with bushing handle

Bushing handle of duct rodder is for reducing pressure on the hand who carries it. The grip is very important to the duct rodder (See Figure 3).

Three portable <a href=duct rodders, the same size with yellow pulling rod." width="700px" /> 

Figure 3: Three portable duct rodders with bushing handle.

Portable duct rodder specification sheet is listed below.

  1. 4.5 mm Portable Duct Rodder
  2. 5 mm Portable Duct Rodder
  3. 6 mm Portable Duct Rodder
  4. 7 mm Portable Duct Rodder

More information, please click: Portable Duct Rodder.

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