8mm FRP Duct Rodder

  FRP Duct Rodder also called Conduit Snake Rodder, are made from high quality fiberglass coated with a tough ABS, then into a frame.

  • The Fiberglass Rod

The core of the rod is made by high strength continuous glass fiber filaments impregnated in to a liquefied resin. The fibers are drawn in to a heated die where the resin matrix is cured, bonding the fibers together and allowing mechanical loads to be transmitted through the matrix and distributed amongst the fibers. 

Fiberglass Rod

  • The ABS Coated

The ABS is imported from Taiwan. It give a unique combination of strength and durability, of which allows for greater wear resistance.
The fiberglass core gives power & pushing stability whereas the ABS coating reduces friction to a minimum. 

Color of FRP Duct Rodder 18mm special size duct rodder 2  

  • The Frame

The material of the frame is Strong Galvanized Steel. Small diameter frame without wheels, it is small and lighter, can be fit in any car. The big diameter frame with durable wheels, which is more stable and move convenient & quick. FRP Duct Rodder 

Portable FRP Duct Rodder FRP Duct Rodder 

Wheeled FRP Duct Rodder 8mm FRP Duct Rodder 

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